My name is Trey Pressley. I have graced the covers of many magazines, books and advertisements throughout my career such as: Vampire Novels called The Kou,  The Unleashed Voice (T.U.V.) Magazine, The Ultimate Apeel Fine Arts Magazine and more.


But no matter what I do, my journey leads me back to fitness. You built your body, now allow me to help you rebuild your body. We all have our individual wants and needs. As a naturally heavy person, I know if I don't workout, I will gain weight; and gain it quickly. So my struggle is real. Allow me to help you- be the you - who you want to be by


“Whoop Whoopin That Ass” to your satisfaction. And when all is said and done, you can tell your friends that “You Have Been Pressley’d!!!”


God has always been present in my life.  With God, I have endured many of life’s situations that have helped increase my awareness of myself and others. I pray every day and have learned to be specific in what I want.  I also strive each day to be a better person. A good friend once told me that my heart is my best quality. Through life’s experiences I finally learned the real meaning behind that

statement. As the Lord increases my territory I look forward to sharing

it with you!


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